Thursday, September 17, 2009


i'm super excited about the positive response i have received thus far. thanks and your check is in the mail. this site will be in addition to a website i just haven't gotten that far yet. it takes a while to load just one picture on here and i have a ton i want to share. plus, having a two year old, who has time to be on the computer all day-not me! thank goodness for great friends and family allowing me to victimize their children. i like to remind them they will hate me while i'm flashing in their faces but will love me when they have years of memories. so, here are a few more that i can load in the middle of my busy day. thanks again.


  1. Umm, I would like to say, you better victimize my child when you come over. I got your message-will call you tonight!

  2. I know one you need to victimize please!!! SOON!

  3. we have a date for the first weekend in oct!!